Wednesday, December 8, 2010

'Who Hair' Tutorial for my Ward Party!!!!!!!!

Dr. Seuss ‘Who Hair’ Tutorial

By Chelsea Jenkins

There are many ways to do ‘who hair’, this is just one that’s super easy and gets the effect done. I’ve added example pictures to the bottom that show more ideas. You can add braids with wire in them and shape them however, add curls, and of course ribbons to accessorize your ‘who hair’. Also, men can do ‘who hair’… think curls and gel to get his hair standing up. Really, any wacky hair is ‘who hair’. Have Fun and I can’t wait to see everyone’s styles on Saturday at the ward party!!!!!!!!!

1. These are the supplies you’ll need to do this simple version of ‘who hair’:

Water bottles or cups (I used the small 8oz ones for this but you could use bigger. These are really good for kids who don’t have super long hair yet)

Hair rubber bands

And a comb

2. For this tutorial I chose to do pigtails of sorts, so next I created a part down my head. And tied one half up so it’d be out of my way.

3. Next separate your hair evenly and place a water bottle in the middle of your hair where you want your pigtail to stand up.

4. Pull your hair up towards the top of your water bottle doing your best to cover the bottle as you go. Once all of your hair is up, tie a rubber band around your hair and the ‘drinking part’ of your water bottle. (that’s the only way I can think of describing it right now.)

5. Now, do the same thing to the other half of your hair.

6. Finally, it’s time to accessorize! I added some ribbons bows and when it’s for reals, I would definitely add some curly to the left over hair at the top that hangs.

It’s be fun to do even just one or even three of these ‘cones’ on your head for ‘who hair’. Also adding braids would definitely bump up the cuteness of it. Enjoy a few more example pictures and we’ll see you and your fabulous ‘who hair’ and pajama looks on Saturday! 5:30pm at the ward building!!!!!


For even more ideas try googling How the Grinch stole Christmas Images

and you should find even more examples!

Monday, May 3, 2010

new headbands

I got a talking to last night from my mom telling me to post and to show the things I make. So, today I made these headbands for my girls. Carma was walking around with these fake flowers and the idea came to me.
I separted these flowers and cut them into smaller petals.

Then I just glued them onto the headband.
I think it turned out pretty cute and Carma just loves hers.
I made Pearl one too and she's already practicing her pageant faces. I'm so proud!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

Great Grandma OG sent the girls a special valentine with a $2 bill inside! Carma was super excited to open her mail, and Pearl thought the money was super tasty. Thanks OG!
We love you!

And look at my big girl practicing using the potty! She just likes to sit and read even if she doesn't go at all.

Monday, December 28, 2009

It's been a while

Carma has been playing 'Princess Fairy' as much as possible these days since she got these wings and jewelry for Christmas. It's been so cute watching her put everything on and take it off and then put it on again!

She was even nice enough to let Pearl borrow some earings for a bit.
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Pearl figured out how to put her pacifier in her mouth all by herself. One time I looked down at her and she was sucking on the wrong end! Classic!

After Dusty went to work this morning, the girls woke up and joined me in my bed... it's a perfect way to spend the morning.

And finally this is almost all of the grandkids on my side of the family (we're missing Conway) on Christmas Eve. We always get them matching PJs and they all really enjoy it!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Halloween Pictures

I finally found some time where I wasn't busy and both girls were happy enough to take new pictures of them in their Halloween costumes... please enjoy

For pictures of me in my costume, please referr to my Mom's blog :)

Guess What...

This handsome guy was just nomionated for
FireFighter / EMT of the Year!
It's a national title...
And I'm very proud of him!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm on YouTube!!!!!!!!!!

This is my premier event on YouTube... A moment in history not to be missed... A moment our childrens' children's children will talk about... A moment when peace and love have been restored upon this Earth, if only for but a moment... Take a deap breath and please enjoy...