Thursday, October 30, 2008

Little Miss Piggy

I have always thought that Miss Piggy from the Muppets was by far the most annoying muppet there was. Her voice, her co-dependance with Kermit, and the way to she acted almost too good to be a muppet.
(how can a muppet be too good to be a muppet?)
I feel annoyed just thinking about her.
(Spoiler Alert: I'm annoyed by something... again)
Despite the funky taste I get in my mouth when I think of that Muppet-y Pig- when I found this costume at Baby Style, I couldn't refuse!
Just look at how darling my Little Miss Piggy is in all of her chunkified glory!
I wish I could have gotten Sloan (Miss Ladybug) to stand still without screaming to get a good picture of them together!

She played in this ice for about an hour!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I Miss Everything Fun...

OK, maybe not everything, but sometimes it sure feels like it.
Livin' in the 'Copa isn't as glamorous as I know all of you were thinking.
"Wow! She must live in the most Fabulous city! I'll bet it has a Target, a mall, a movie theatre (that spelling is definitely GLAMOROUS), more than 2 grocery stores, definitely more than 4 sit-down-and-be-served restaurants, and it PROBABLY has more than 1 main road. That Chelsea sure is living in the best city in the world!"
I'm sorry, but you are wrong! Some 'Copa-ians might disagree, but there isn't much good about our city... and I'll prove it!
  • We only have two grocery stores! How am I truly supposed to find the best deals with only two options?! It's STUPID!
  • Our stupid city is putting in a Walmart instead of a Target! While Walmart might have better prices, I would gladly pay a little more to have a better shopping experience and Target definitely wins there. HANDS DOWN!
  • There are no really good sit-down-restaurants... and I will almost ALWAYS choose the being served my food over having to carry a tray of food to my table. Trays make my food taste gross- I know- I'm a food SNOB.
  • There are abandoned houses EVERYWHERE! It just seems so ghetto and trashy. Or maybe those people are smarter than me for just getting out of the 'Copa. I guess I haven't decided yet.
  • There are so many more things that I don't like about the 'Copa but I'm starting to feel depressed thinking about it, and I can face the truth- I'm stuck here for a while. But the absolute WORST part about Livin' in the 'Copa is that I live an hour away from my wonderful and fabulous sisters and mom. Blah, Blah, Blah I know I'm actually lucky to live so close when most people don't even live in the same state as their family Blah, Blah. But you know what... I want to live closer. I want to be able to leave my house without luggage. I want it to be practical for them to call me an hour before a 'hang out' and for me to get there in time!
A few weeks all the sisters except me got together to make these felt bats from our Mom's blog. Kelli posted pictures of her cute bats and the pumpkins she felt inspired to make. I missed them when they called me to tell me they were all hanging out that night. But when I read about it today, I hated the 'Copa for what it has turned me into. A home-body.
So I have written this letter to the 'Copa:
Dear 'Copa,
I Hate You!
I hate that you make me miss my sisters and projects with them. Yes, I do still see the sisters a few times per week, but it could be more. You made me miss out on making my Mom's felt bats with them; even though I had already finished making my bats before the aforementioned 'bat making hang out'. But that isn't the point! But aren't they cute? I made mine out of black sparkly material I had made capes out of for our space party in March, and I painted their faces.

'Copa- if I could I'd leave you. Luckily for you, I do like my ward and my friends in my ward a lot.

'Copa- I'll never stay with you forever...

It's not me, it's you.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is that a Professional Baton Twirler?

NO!!! It's me in my Halloween Costume at our family's anual party.
Don't worry... I'm not a Sexy Baton Twirler, just a regular one.
I sure do look like a Sexy one, though... I can't help it!

Can you believe I actually owned costumes similar

to this one when my sisters and I were

Valley Valiant Baton Girls!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Heaven has finally heard our prayers...


and they're as awesome as ever!

My 4 Fabulous sisters and I went on Monday night and as you'll see fun was had by all!
The fans from the 80's are the same now, just older and fatter,

but they can still scream like 14 year old girls

Half way through the show the sexy sexy New Kids came to the middle of the audience and they weren't even 20 feet away. It was like they were singing only to us.

So Romantic!

So Dead Sexy!

Look at that girls' bum! It was MESMERIZING!

Is that a Red Brassiere you ask?
It wouldn't be a NKOTB concert if I didn't remove my 'over the shoulder boulder holder' and give it to Devan to throw at the beloved New Kids.
Sorry Mom... I didn't know how to tell you in person so I left this part out.
I won't blame you if you don't call me for a few days.
Really, I deserve it.
But really, you probably weren't going to call me for anything specific anyways, right?
See you friday night where I intend to further embarrass you.
The throw didn't quite make it to the stage, but I believe in my heart that they did see it and appreciate my undying love and affection. Once they went back to the main stage I went and found said brassiere lying on the ground in a mystery liquid...
I'll never wash and/or wear it again out of respect for the best night of my life...
unless of course I need to.

In closing I'd just like to thank one last time Joey, Donnie, Jordan, Jon, and Danny for being who they are and singing great classics. I love you boys.
If you want me to I will run away with you-
but can I bring my sisters with me?
Thank you.
Thank you New Kids On The Block!
You will live on inside of me forever!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Look What I Did

I've been working at a High School being their choreographer for this show. This was my second time doing it and I really love it... even though some days I wanted to murder them! (Don't worry- I didn't) I'm really greatful that they keep asking me back and that they're planning on bringing me back again next year! Last night we had our first performance and I will admit that I really wanted to be up there performing also. It's been super fun to be a part of their show and a really great experience. It reminded me how much I love performing and teaching. It also reminded me how much I love being home with Carma. Tonight's our last performance and then I'll be off the clock and ready to hang out during the day again! WOO HOO!!!!!!

Isn't the lighting cool?! It really makes everything I choreographed look so much cooler!