Wednesday, December 31, 2008

See Ya 2008!!!!!!!!!

I thought 2008 was pretty kick @$$! I had a baby, lost a little of the baby weight, went on some sweet vacations to the beach and then on a week long cruise to Alaska, gained some of the weight back, watched Carma grow into this darling little girl who I love and adore, and then got pregnant again (due late Aug)! I hope 2009 is just as awesome!

Tonight I'm going to party hard with all my family and some friends at my Mom's house! It's gonna be off the chain!!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

We Can't Get Rid Of It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember when we couldn't find Carma's umbilical cord after it had fallen off? Remember when we did end up finding it a few weeks later and we thought we threw it away...? Well, it has since made it's way back into our lives and Dusty found it yesterday. He wouldn't tell me where. That's gross.
We threw it away again. The Saga Continues...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

AZ Mills

Arizona Mills has always been a little bit ghetto, but yesterday when I was there it took me to another world. While traveling through crazy Mills I saw all sorts of insane things. Multiple times I found myself in the middle of what looked like a gang fight ready to erupt. I'm talking different gangs on all sides looking at me and sweet baby Carma like we were a tender juicy steak ready to be devoured. For most of my trip through the mall I carried Carma on my hip and pushed our stroller so I would know for sure if someone had snatched her away from me. Besides the countless gangsters (not even cool, fashion forward gangsters! What a waste!), I saw more man/ladies than on a Tyra Banks special. This is the closest picture I could find to the kind of trany's I saw and he/she doesn't even do them justice. Picture a more manly face, more make-up, some EVE style breast tatoos (you know, the paw prints) and cheaper looking clothes. Then, times it by the 3 or 4 of them roaming around... my mind was spinning.

After a while I finally came across a Santa sitting in his chair with not a soul in line to take a picture with him. He had the twiddling thumbs kind of boredom. However, I didn't even take pity on this man and get a picture. I was much too afraid of stopping and having someone steal something. - A few hundred feet later in my journey I saw another Santa wondering around. Not only was it another Santa, but it was Black Santa! He looked a lot like this guy. The best part was that it was clear he was just some dude who decided to dress as Santa and parade around AZ Mills. I felt bad for the normal white Santa who was back there, all alone, while Black Santa came and stole all of the lime light. But like I said, AZ Mills is Ghetto! And Black Santa's are really hot this year... everywhere is all sold out!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Stockings...

I couldn't find a stocking for Carma that matches the ones Dusty and I already have so I decided to make new ones. I kept with my new theme (which I LOVE and can't get enough of... I'm going to go crazy when Christmas stuff goes even more on sale soon!) and I made these stockings! I'm really proud of them! I even made a few extras without names, dingleballs,
or snowflakes for our future kids!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Family Pictures!

We got some family photos taken and although in some of them I had four chins, we did end up with a few good shots... then the miracle of photoshop worked it's wonders and now the shots are great! I haven't decided which one's I want her to touchup for me, but our photog did these for her blog. I think we are a cute little family!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I love these felt snowflakes that I made for my kitchen! Terrell Hoffman in my ward showed us how to make them out of paper at our Super Saturday and I just 'made them my own' as they say. I used felt and sprayed them with glitter which helped them stiffen up. Then I hot glued them together, added some ribbon and tada, darling snowflakes! I've decided that snowflakes of all colors shapes and sizes will be my Christmas theme. Dusty thinks I've rushed into a theme pretty fast and wants me to really think it through, but hey, he never likes my ideas until I do them. It just drives me nuts that he thinks he has a say in what I do around the house.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

How Did This Happen To Me?

I have faux self esteem.
It's true and I cannot deny my condition. I stress about getting dressed and finding something that I think I look decent in. This process can take anywhere from 15 to 45 minutes or even more. Sometimes I find an outfit to where out of the house, and I think I look pretty good and thin. See Exhibit A. Then I see a picture of myself in that very same outfit when I'm foolishly feeling good about myself and I realize my Faux Self Esteem mentality is in full force.
See Exhibit B. It's sad, really.
The End.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B