Sunday, April 27, 2008

One Crazy Week

This last week I finished my short choreography job at Desert Vista High School. It was a BLAST!!!!! I loved getting to work with the kids and teacher I student taught with, and it was just so much fun being back in a classroom. The kids performed great on Thursday night and I had to miss Friday's performance, but I heard they rocked. I really loved working with Mr. De Valk. We get along great and have really similar ideas of what a choir program should be. We really compliment each other's strengths and I can't wait to work with him again! He's already asked me to come back in September and choreograph the show again! I can't wait!
Here's Mr. D with Carma!
The best part about the job is that he's happy to have me bring Carma to work with me. It's the perfect gig for me right now!
The boys in the Men's Choir love Carma to death and always took such great care of her.
This is Nick. He's a little odd but so freakin' hilarious.

Tony lovin' him some baby Carma.

Michael Showing off his skills.

And the whole Men's Choir gang. It may be dorky of me, but I really fell in love with these boys and I'm going to miss them a bunch.
Like I said before I missed Friday night's performance because we celebrated my
Mom's 50th Birthday!!!!!!!
We surprised he and took her to a private pole dancing class. It was a crazy hard work out and so much fun. We all want to sign up for the weekly class and get our stripper moves perfected!

Devan Rocking the Pole!

Me doing a sweet spin... it would be sexier if I wasn't so fat, but I'm working on that...


Kelli said...

Choreographing seems like so much fun!! Takes me back to my show choir days!! The pole dancing class was fun too... I'll have to go again when I am not so big and pregnant!!

Julie said...

ok you look fantistic for just having your baby, and I must say you are a great pole dancer!! What a fun idea sign me up for the next class:)

Steven & Tiffany Martin said...

Looks like it was a blast! I wanna learn now!

Jared said...

Wow looks like fun, I always wanted to try that. I totally need to sign up and do a class out here, if I can find one.
You look great, keep it up I know it is so hard to loose the weight but you are on your way for sure!

~LisaLou~ said...

Hey! That looked fun! I don't know if my mom and sisters and I could be serious enough to take the class!
We think saw you out in the park working out on Monday and the boys wanted to come and join you!...but I woosed out!
The choir boys were so cute with Carma! That's awesome they let you bring her to work! When you say choreograph, do you mean dancing or singing? (I'm guessing dancing, but I didn't know you danced too!...other than the pole dancing, of course!)
Have a great week!

hilari said...

i love my sensual sisters. just think, carma will be on a pole too before we know it. i think that is every mothers dream.

trishalisha said...

Hey girl! Long time no see! You're so cute! Okay, and seriously don't even tell me about the whole being fat thing because you look amazing. Now I'm on my 2nd pregnancy, and I never lost all the baby weight. It's not fun. Your little girl is beautiful!