Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm a HERO... kind of

Dusty and I just got back from donating blood... I'm glad I can do it and it's especially nice to give back since Dusty's dad just recieved blood after his triple bypass surgery 2 weeks ago. I just wish I could have finished. That's right just as I was reaching the point where they can actually use my blood for someone else I passed out. Dusty said he could see me turn from my beautiful normal color to a not so beautiful gray. Every time I try and give I pass out... but the nurses there said that I should keep trying since it's such a good thing. They said they can use my blood for testing. Dusty was able to finish his no problem and the nurses were really nice and held Carma the whole time. So, I'm still a Hero... right?


Julie said...

yes you are my Hero! I cant give blood because I lived in Europe in the 80's the whole Mad COW thing, bummer. How is Dustys Dad?

Mrs. Dub said...

I love blood, especially since a whole bunch of donated jelly filling saved my life when I had Zee. But now I can't donate for a year. And right before I got pregnant, I convinced Mr. Dub to go with me and ended up being turned away because I was too anemic. He managed to do it alone, I'm proud to say. But he was a little jealous.

p.s. Aren't all your sisters the same?

Glamma Fabulous aka Kelley Smith said...

Good Girl! I'm so proud of you both!!!