Saturday, March 15, 2008

Space Party!!!!!!!

I've been dying to show my pictures from the Space Party but I had left my Camera at me mother's abode. But I got it back! Here's my UFO cake with the homemade fondant.
Homemade is definately the way to go. it was much easier to work with than the pre-made/ store bought crap. I thought it was a bit boring so...
I made it "spacier" by adding metallic stars and rhinestones-
not edible ones as my Mom found out..

That's me in the Spacetastic rocket ship my Mom built.

And Kelli...

And here's us as multi-eyed aliens. It was a last minute costume idea that turned out to be awesome! I love googlie eyes! Notice the bra OVER the shirt... a classic!


Julie said...

Bra over shirst is always a classic look, the cake looks awsome!! Great job!!

maelynn said...

Before I even read the caption, I was like, "Is she wearing a bra over her shirt?" Yep she is! You crack me up lady! Next time you should try wearing a nursing bra!
Love the're amazing! Home-made fondant? Hello Martha!
What a fun party! Your family is so fun! You all look great!

ajhcreative said...

You are so creative and fun. Wow, that cake is fantastic. You are doing great and that costume cracks me up, fun!!!